The EverSewn Hero

The EverSewn Hero is a computerized combination sewing and embroidery machine. Its compact and lightweight footprint makes this machine ideal for travel and working in smaller spaces. With a 7mm stitch width, automatic needle threader, adjustable foot pressure, 800spm sewing speed, and a detailed LCD screen, plus a 400+ stitch package, it checks all the boxes for beautiful design, easy sewing and a robust sewing and embroidering experience.


400+ Stitches


DIY Embroidery Patches

Free embroidery patch design instructions and design download!

Hero Videos


In this video, April shows us how to create embroidery patches on the EverSewn Hero. 


In this video, April shows us how to set up the EverSewn Hero machine so that it is ready to sew/embroider. Also, the unboxing of the EverSewn Sewing Starter Kit.

Why you will love the Hero

EverSewn Amazon A+ Hero

Embroidery Module

The EverSewn Hero is equipped with a slide on embroidery module which has a maximum embroidery area of 110x170mm. The embroidery module also features a USB port for connecting your storage device to import new embroidery designs, allowing you to begin creatively embroidering quickly and easily.

EverSewn Amazon A+ Hero

Robust LCD Display Interfacing

The Hero offers a tremendous number of features to be discovered at your fingertips with its easy-to-use LCD display. Displaying in three modes; normal, memory, and embroidery.

You’ll find your Hero a breeze to navigate all your main functions through.

EverSewn Amazon A+ Hero

Needle and Bobbin Thread level monitoring

The EverSewn Hero contains warning feature that indicates if the bobbin thread is running low, and will automatically stop your machine if the upper needle thread is broken or empty. Very useful for ensuring excellent quality embroidery designs.


Popular Among Celebrity Bloggers

EverSewn sewing machines are the most popular sewing machines among the blogging community in the USA. Its excellent quality and modern appeal has makers using EverSewn machines for their sewing, quilting and crafting projects. EverSewn is the trusted brand among sewing studios and celebrity bloggers.

EverSewn Amazon A+ Hero

Stitch Library

Featuring a generous stitch pattern package, the Hero sports 400 exclusive pre-programmed embroidery designs for you to enjoy the exceptionally precise quality of embroidery, that your EverSewn Hero produces.