The EverSewn Charlotte

The EverSewn Charlotte is a computerized sewing machine. Offering a stitch package of 80 gorgeous stitches with a maximum stitch width of 7mm. The helpful start/stop function allows you the ability to control the stitching process without having to use the foot pedal. The needle position up/down function allows you to specify the needle position at end of a row of stitching – particularly helpful for stitching corners. The speed control of the EverSewn Charlotte can be easily adjusted using the speed control dial located on the front of the machine. This allows you to adjust the sewing speed according to the fabric or the difficulty of the detail being sewn. The EverSewn Charlotte includes seven standard presser feet (soles). The unique features included at this fantastic price point makes this machine one of a kind.


80 Stitches

Why you will love the Charlotte


High Performance Sewing

The EverSewn Charlotte has many features that allow for an exceptional sewing experience. The automatic needle threader, adjustable speed control and stitch width functions and start/stop button, all at your fingertips,provides a high-performance sewing experience.


Computerized Stitch Panel

The Charlotte’s computerized LED stitch panel makes your stitch pattern and stitch length selection process easy. Never forget which stitch you’ve selected or with mode you’re in again.



Strong from the Inside Out

All EverSewn machines are built to the highest standards. All components are ISO 9001 certified and are tested thoroughly. So is the metal frame that is an essential part of every EverSewn sewing machine to ensure longevity and excellent sewing performance.


Automatic Needle Threader and
Drop-In Bobbin Function

An automatic needle threader makes threading your machine needle a breeze, saving you loads of time. Your EverSewn Charlotte featuring a drop-in bobbin feature with clear cover plate allows for easy set-up and visibility when bobbin thread needs refilling.


Ease of Use

Every EverSewn sewing machine is designed by engineers that sew! This ensures ergonomic sewing and ease of use like no other machines on the market! Whether you are a beginner or experienced sewer, the EverSewn Charlotte will enable you to create anything you want without frustration.


Popular Among Celebrity Bloggers

EverSewn is a trusted brand for sewing studios and celebrity bloggers. Its excellent quality and modern appeal has makers using EverSewn machines for their sewing, quilting and crafting projects. EverSewn is their preferred sewing machine!


Stitch Library

The Charlotte’s pull-out stitch library card makes finding your perfect stitch patterns a breeze. With the handy reference and storage, this unique design feature makes the creative process of decorative stitching both fun and easy.



Feed Dog Drop

The EverSewn Charlotte can easily be transformed into a quilting or embroidery machine. By lowering the feed dogs of the machine, free motion quilting or embroidery capabilities are available. This professional feature will enable you to create beautiful quilts and free motion embroidery designs, no matter your level of experience. This is a must-have machine for a quilter!