The EverSewn Maker 100

The EverSewn Maker 100 is a perfect beginner sewing machine. Offering a stitch package that features 21 stitches including utility, decorative and a one-step buttonhole with a maximum stitch width of 5mm. This machine offers a nice selection of professional features including adjustable thread tension, adjustable stitch length, and an LED light. The wheels on the top of the Maker 100 is used to set thread tension and stitch length, and the knob on the front of the machine, to select your stitch patterns. The manual needle threader and the thread cutter allow for efficient sewing. Four presser feet (soles) come standard with your EverSewn Maker 100.


21 Stitches

Why you will love your Maker 100


Perfect Beginner Machine

Beginners need to learn on a machine that will last through the trials and errors of learning to sew. The EverSewn Maker 100 was made to do just that. It has a strong metal frame, easy-to-use features, and can even stitch through the toughest of fabrics like leather or denim.


1 Step Buttonhole

The Maker 100 features a one-step buttonhole process. You’ll be thrilled with the simplicity!



Strong from the Inside Out

All EverSewn machines are built to the highest standards. All components are ISO 9001 certified and are tested thoroughly. The metal frame is standard with every EverSewn sewing machine to ensure longevity and excellent sewing performance.


Strong Metal Bobbin

The Maker 100 features a strong metal bobbin casing and hook system.



Free Arm

The EverSewn Maker 100 can be easily transformed into a free arm sewing machine. This professional feature will allow you to sew pants, sleeves and any other narrow band. This is a must have for every sewer!


Popular Among Celebrity Bloggers

EverSewn is a trusted brand for sewing studios and celebrity bloggers. Its excellent quality and modern appeal makes them a favorite choice for their sewing, quilting and crafting projects.


Stitch Library

The EverSewn Maker 100 stitch package features 21 stitches including a 1-step buttonhole. The full stitch library is conveniently printed on the front of The Maker 100 machine, with the knob positioned directly below to select your stitch.


Ease of Use

Every EverSewn sewing machine is designed by engineers that sew! This ensures ergonomic sewing and ease of use like no other machines on the market! Whether you are a beginner or experienced sewer, the EverSewn Maker 100 will enable you to create anything you want without frustration.