Conversation Starter Hearts


Conversation hearts are like a sweet beacon to signal memories of Valentine’s Day past. These sweet candied hearts symbolize the ultimate playful and favorite treat that makes its annual appearance in the candy aisle during the Valentine’s Day season. We love everything about conversation hearts, except that when their gone, that it’s for the year. We decided to make some conversation hearts with staying power, in the form of these cute little mini pillows for your favorite loved ones.

Here’s how we make our Conversation Starter Hearts:


Felt Fabric 9”x 12”


Free pattern and embroidery files


Craft Poly Fill


EverSewn Rotary Cutter 45mm

EverSewn Magnetic Pincushion

EverSewn Glass Head Pins

EverSewn Hero Sewing Machine

IMG_8424 copy.jpg
IMG_8420 copy.jpg

Step 1 - Cut Fabric

  • Cut (2) hearts and (2) 2” strips out of felt fabric

Step 2 – Machine Embroidery

  • Position and machine embroider the selected words file to the top of the heart

 Step 3 – Assembly, use a ¼ seam allowance

  • Select an overcasting or blanket stitch to sew seams (an overcasting stitch can be used to finish the edge of your fabric and simply give more detail).
  • Sew the two fabric strips, short ends right-sides together
  • Sew the side strips to heart front
  • Pin and sew by starting at the top center of the heart with the center seam of the strips
  • Sew down on right side to the bottom tip
  • Repeat sewing on left top side to bottom tip
  • Sew the strips, right sides together, that meet at the tip of the heart
  • Trim the extra strip fabric not needed
  • Repeat for the heart back

Step 4 – Stuff

  • Re-open the top strip seam to stuff your heart
  • Add a small loop in the seam as you re-close your seam