Memories in the Making


One of the best parts of Halloween has always been making the perfect costume that will make kids smile. While the trends of what is considered the “coolest costume of the year” may change, one thing that never changes is the joy found while making your child’s costume, and making of memories to share forever. The treasure of a shared experience that becomes pasted down from one generation to the next.

We hope to bring that smile to your face this year with our FREE Silly Face Emoji Halloween Costume.

Here’s how we made this fun memory!

Silly Face Emoji Halloween Costume: A FREE design download here!


Main Fabric: 1 yd yellow fleece

Lining Fabric: 1 yd (same as main)

Foam: Double Sided Fusible  

Scrap Fabrics for Appliqué: Mouth, Eyes, Tongue


Thread - Bright Sun Yellow

EverSewn Sparrow30 Sewing Machine

Eversewn Walking foot

Clear iron-on film (used to apply appliqué)

Spray Adhesive

Poly-Fil Fiberfill


Step 1 - Cutting

Use paper pattern to cut out the circle body shape from main fabric (2), foam (2), and lining (2).  Cut (4) rectangles 4” x 7”Strips.   Cut out the face shapes (eyes, tongue, and mouth) from the paper pattern. Use to trace and cut the fabric appliqué for the eyes, tongue, and mouth. Back each fabric appliqué with clear iron-on film.  I used Lite Steam-A-Seam 2.


Step 2 – Fuse Appliqué

Use cut-out paper pattern face as a guide for placement of the eyes, mouth and tongue. Fuse appliqué to main front fabric with a hot iron.  On the wrong side of the main fabric, spray adhesive to secure a layer of foam to it. (Cut the foam circle slightly smaller than the main circle to not catch it in the seam line, to reduce bulk, when later attaching the lining). Stitch around the edge of appliqué shapes with a zig zag or blanket stitch to accentuate the face.  A Clear Zigzag Foot or Open Toe Appliqué Foot is recommended allowing the edge of the appliqué to be clear in sight to sew.


Step 3 – Body

Take the main fabrics and lining, right sides together, and sew around leaving a small 6” opening. Turn right side out.  Optional: To make puffy, add some poly fil at this time. Hand stitch to close up the opening. Repeat 2x.


Step 4 – Straps

Pin and sew 1 strips at each shoulder area connecting the front to the back of main fabric together. Pin and sew 1 strips on each lower sides. Done!